Books: Germany


Titter recommends the following books either written by German Authors or stories based on Germany
Book TitleAuthorHard Cover VersionPaperback VersioneBooksStep Into Reading
The Lion and the Mouse: Aesop's FableJerry PinkneyBuyBuyStep 1
The Crow & The PitcherAesop's FablesBuy
The Fox and The GrapesAesop's FablesBuyBuy
Belling the CatAesop's FablesBuy
The Pied PiperAlan BenjaminBuy
Snow White: Grimms Fairy TalesJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuyBuy
Hansel and GretelJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuyBuy
CinderellaJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuyBuyBuy
The Frog PrinceJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuyBuyBuyStep 2
RumplestillskinJacob & Wilhelm Grimm
RapunzelJacob & Wilhelm Grimm
Sleeping BeautyTina Shart
The Wishing TableJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuy]
Town Musicians of BremenJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuyBuy
The Wolf and the Seven Little KidsAnn Blades
Max and MoritzWilhelm BuschBuy
The Elves and the ShoemakerRetold by: John CechBuy

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