Books: Germany


Titter recommends the following books either written by German Authors or stories based on Germany
Book Title
Hard Cover Version
Paperback Version
Step Into Reading
The Lion and the Mouse: Aesop's FableJerry PinkneyBuyBuyStep 1
The Crow & The PitcherAesop's FablesBuy
The Fox and The GrapesAesop's FablesBuyBuy
Belling the CatAesop's FablesBuy
The Pied PiperAlan BenjaminBuy
Snow White: Grimms Fairy TalesJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuyBuy
Hansel and GretelJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuyBuy
CinderellaJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuyBuyBuy
The Frog PrinceJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuyBuyBuyStep 2
RumplestillskinJacob & Wilhelm Grimm
RapunzelJacob & Wilhelm Grimm
Sleeping BeautyTina Shart
The Wishing TableJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuy]
Town Musicians of BremenJacob & Wilhelm GrimmBuyBuy
The Wolf and the Seven Little KidsAnn Blades
Max and MoritzWilhelm BuschBuy
The Elves and the ShoemakerRetold by: John CechBuy