TitterTot’s Top 3 Halloween Costume Shops on Etsy

You might agree with me that kids go through a huge transformation when they turn four. They start to develop a strong personality and have a say in everything that affects their lives. This makes Halloween a bit challenging. Last year we did the superhero costume with extruding muscles and body hugging polyester covering feet to head. But I could tell that my son was not very happy seeing himself transform so drastically. During the year I also realized that my son was very content wearing a cape and playing knight with a shield and sword. Not having time on hand to make a costume by myself this year I selected costumes hand made by super creative moms.

After scouring the entire internet I came upon Kari Goodwin’s store on Etsy called “The Tree House Kid”. She makes the best costumes hands down. They are easy to wear, comfortable to keep on, extremely colorful and my son had a lot of fun playing in them. Check out the knight ensemble and then visit her store on Etsy to see her collection:
The Tree House Kid

To have a variety of costumes I also bought a reversible Batman/Superman cape from super hero mom – Connie Hughes. Her store on Etsy is called – “Mummy Hughesy”. Based out of UK, she makes very high quality character capes and masks. I also bought the batman mask made of felt that my son loved as well.
Mummy Hughesy

Mummy Hughesy 3

Mummy Hughesy 2

We had a pirate costume from last year that still fit my son, so I bought foam pirate shield and sword and a pirate visor (as our eye patch does not seem to stay on) from Rebecca Neafus. Her store on Etsy is called “HopewellCreek”. Her shop was selected by Babble.com as one of “The top 50 Etsy Parent Shops for 2012-13”. Visit her shop to check out all the felt toys, décor and accessories besides the costumes.

The greatest thing about all the costumes we bought this Halloween is that they will last all year long and thanks to Velcro adjusters in all of them, they will be used for many Halloweens to come. Thank you to all these fabulous moms we had a great Halloween.

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