Take it and Toss it on the go

We are making another trip to Europe in about a week and I am starting to pack once again. Unlike the last time I wrote a blog on things to take on the go, this time it’s going to be different. Devam is now 1.5 years old and his needs have changed. He likes to drink out of a sippy cup, he is learning to eat with a fork, he has started drinking whole milk vs. formula and his solid food intake has increased.

I was conversing with my friend, who had visited India when her daughter was 17 months old. Her daughter had caught the Rotavirus on the plane and during her stay she was quiet concerned about washing her daughters sippy cups and other utensils in local water and with local detergents. She most regretted not taking disposable feeders. Having heard her story I started researching on disposable feeding goods.

The only company that shot up on my radar was Learning Curve that manufactures “Take and Toss”. The Take and Toss product line includes sippy cups, straw cups, bowls (different oz measurements) and flatware. They are BPA Free so you need not worry about toxic plastic material underneath the otherwise colorful products. The variety of prints including Super Why!, Sesame Street and Disney this makes the products fun for your child be it a boy or girl.

Take and Toss

I just opened the sippy cups and they are spill proof. The best thing is their straw is quiet solid so might not get chewed on by your child like most other straws I use. The straw insert hole is quiet tight as well. The cup is overall quiet spill proof and a great product for parent and child on the go. The bowls are great as they are BPA Free vs. other storage bowls you may get e.g.: Glad.

I forgot to order my flatware – so will pick it up from Buy Buy Baby this weekend! That’s all from me, happy Thursday and will upload my packing list shortly.

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