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Me and Vipul used to love going cycling wherever we traveled. We cycled all of Naples,FL, we did a cycling tour of Whistler, CA and were hoping that we could go on a BackRoads trip of Europe someday. Ofcourse this was all before Devam came into our lives. Can we still do all this? Ofcourse, many companies make child seats/carriers that can be mounted on a bike.

I have always thought that having a child on a bike could make the ride most unstable. But as per physics when a child seat is mounted on a bike, while it raises the center of gravity of the bike it does not make it significantly unstable. The issue is with mounting and dismounting the child from the child seat. When the rider gets off the saddle, or dismounts, it takes more effort to maintain a bike’s balance and keep it upright.

There are lots of options in child seats for bikes, front mounted, rear mounted which come with lots of safety hazards – higher chances of accidents. The next option is of course the child bike trailers that increase the footprint of your bike.

Look for more information on this subject on iBike.org

In comes TAGA
A bike that converts to a stroller in 20 seconds & viceversa – just watch


It can accomodate upto 2 kids – so a perfect solution for a family (of course one of the parent should be riding a normal bike). Taga converts from a bike to stroller in less than 20 seconds. It’s a somewhat manual process, but looks doable without having to take your child off the seat. It’s a pretty well thought out machine.

I was quiet curious, I checked out the website and it looks very appealing, especially if you are an urban mom and could run your errands on a bike.

I have some questions for Taga:
1) How do I take my child grocery shopping? If I have my child with me, I have very little room below the child seat to put my grocery bags.
2) Not sure how comfortable is it to stroll once the bike is converted into a stroller. I am not sure if I can take it into small kids stores where the space is very narrow.
3) What is the footprint of this bike and how smooth is the ride? Can I keep it to the streets or can I take it on rugged terrain?
4) No where on the site do you tell us about how we fold this massive bike to take overseas on flights? I would love to take this on a BackRoads trip but would I check in the Taga or will I be allowed to take it with me as a carry on?
5) Last but not the least, what about security, how is one suppose to let a $1500 bike / stroller out of their sight? Would it not be a magnet for bike thieves which I hear have become extremely sophisticated, especially in New York? Can you install a hidden GPS device or a do you sell insurance? I know this might sound funny, but it’s a true concern.

Besides these concerns, I think it’s a fabulous design and comes with exciting accessories. I can’t wait to go to a store to try it out. Can I take it for a test ride???

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  1. Response from Taga is as follows:

    “Dear Eva, Thank you for writing about Taga in your blog.
    Here are answers to your questions:

    1. Currently Taga offers storage options which are similar to the storage options of a standard stroller – the under-seat basket can carry 10lbs of luggage + you can hang a bag behind the child seat. We will offer soon a rack which connects to the seat post and can carry much more stuff. Apart from that you can use the large eco-shopping basket when not taking the kids.

    2. Taga is 4-6 inches wider than a standard stroller / travel system but is narrower than a twin stroller and shorter than a jogger. It passes through almost all the doors and was tested successfully in small stores and restaurants. However, it is not as small as a Maclaren and it doesn’t have a front swivel wheel so you need to push the handles down to rotate it (like in a jogger). Please note that 80% of the time Taga is used as a bike, so the lack of swivel wheel in stroller mode is not that critical.

    3. Taga’s footprint in bike mode is 28.5 X 65 inches. Again, it is not much wider than the handlebar of a standard bike. The ride on Taga is very smooth, especially on bike lanes and small streets. Taga was not designed for off-road ride.

    4. Taga can be disassembled to 4 parts within less than a minute. We will soon upload a video to our website that shows how to do it. We know people who checked it in as a stroller, but you better check it first with your airline.

    5. With regards to theft – the fact that you can turn Taga into a stroller and take it into the building actually solves most of the cases of theft (unlike other bike…). if you still need to lock it outside, you can use a thick bike chain to lock it. We would recommend that you take the child seat with you, so the bike becomes less attractive to thieves.

    Taga is sold via Giggle in Upper West Side in NYC, so you can check it there or you can write to info@tagabikes.com. We might be able to give you a test ride if one of our representatives is in NYC

    We hope it helps. Write to us in case you have more questions. You can also check the FAQ section in our website

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