Tag your Tots with KiddoTags

It is summer time, camp time, beach time and get away time, are we busy having fun or what! We all have plans to take a trip with our tots and with friends with similar aged tots. So often you find your tots reaching out to get a sippy cup or a tumbler or a snack cup that does not belong to him/her. Many a times you leave your tot’s belongings at the sandpit, at the restaurant etc. It is always great to be able to label everything that could get lost easily or get mixed up. Most of us have used tapes that leave a residue behind, or toxic permanent markers. We want smart labels that are safe, non-toxic, water proof, microwave and dishwasher safe. Gabby Turner went through this same quest, put in a lot of time and effort to get us a solution. She created her own kiddo tags that serve our needs and now sells them on KiddoTags.com. Check out the products on the site and a small video commercial below:

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