Raising a global citizen on the GO

Devam started school in September 2012 and it became clear to me that we are not going to able to travel on a whim. While I was planning trips based on Devam’s school calendar – I also wanted to make sure that Devam is always aware of the many different places that exist in the world. Living in New York you are always surrounded by immigrants (like myself) from many different parts of the world. I was talking to a mom, a Macedonian, in our play room. Devam sometimes talks about how his friends pronounce certain words differently. He was quiet amazed when I told him that people from different parts of the world say the same thing differently. He was also fascinated that his friend had visited her family in London and his friend’s mom had visited Philippines while Dale stayed home with daddy.

I am also very thankful to the New York Public Library that has books written by international authors. Devam has visited many a different places through his books. He recently brought home a book called – “Knuffle Bunny Free” – written by Mo Willems where little Trixie visits her Oma and Opa in Holland, eats French fries on the streets and looses her little bunny on a plane. Devam can relate to this as he has traveled on a plane to visit his own Grandpa and Grandma back in India. We also met a 4 year old who said he would love to visit Eastern Europe – how could he have possibly known? Later while talking to his parents I realized that his mother was from China and his father was American. They traveled with him since he was very young and has loved the idea of visiting different places he can find on a map.

Yesterday we were visiting the Natural History Museum and it took very little time for Devam to spot the Bison he saw at Jacksonhole. Also an amazing resource are several story apps on iTunes. The contributors and the stories you can find here are from different parts of the world. Certain shows on TV like Disney’s – “Little Einsteins” are always traveling to different parts of the world be it Egypt, China, Japan, India or Africa. The new movie “Brave” – is about a little Scottish Princess.

With all these resources do you really have to travel for your child to be aware of the world around him? While your child might relate to things because he/she has seen them or experienced them at some point, I am sure that these indirect resources will provide a great foundation for them when they travel in the future.

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