Stroller on the Go

When traveling with your baby you are most concerned about big objects that are essential but could add to your weight and the units of luggage you are going to be taking with you. One such essential is a stroller. Should you be traveling with a light 8 pound stroller generally known as Umbrella Strollers or a hybrid between an Umbrella Stroller and a full comfort toddler buggy?

Honestly I am as confused as you might be. There is not a good answer. I love the idea of a 8 pound Maclaren Volo, but it does not recline nor does it have good back support, so probably not a good stroller incase you want your child seated in there for more than a couple of hours. Or if you have a much older child – 3 to 4 years that might be able to be comfortable in such a stroller. With a one year old, I am thus more biased towards a slightly heavier 12 – 13 pound stroller that has good back support and reclines so your child is most comfortable for longer periods of time. There are two options in the market that are in this weight category, have good safety standards are easy to use are as follows:

1) Maclaren Quest – many color and fabric options a perfect choice for a trendy mom
2) UppaBaby – Gluxe – highly rated by organizations like Consumer Reports

UppaBaby makes an umbrella stroller – the GLite which is very highly rated on Consumer Reports. While UppaBaby stroller might lack the flair they are much easier to use. I have to note that a year ago UppaBaby was a much more attractive option as it was manufactured in the US, this year they have started manufacturing their strollers in China, like all other strollers on the market.

Happy shopping and please do feel free to share your thoughts and opinions.