TitterTot visits Playtime NYC

TitterTot today visited the Playtime International Trade Show in New York at 82 Mercer Street in Soho. Their 3rd edition of the show started on July 30th and will end tomorrow – August, 1st 2011. At the exhibit were apparel and accessories that can make traveling with tots fun and efficient. We talked to a few of the exhibitors and it was interesting that many were HongKong based companies that were stressing on the organic, lead-free nature of their goods. I was amazed to see that most companies are now able to use vegetable dies to create extremely colorful products for tots.

While the exhibition showcased some extremely creative designers and mom entrepreneurs, the shows Pop-up shop was my favorite. 100% of the proceeds from the sales at the shop were to benefit KIDS Japan Earthquake Relief. KIDS (Kids in distressed situations) is a global children charity that distributes new merchandise year round to help children and families living in poverty, it draws heavily on the generosity and concern of retailers, manufacturers and licensors whenever a major disaster occurs. In order to raise money on sale were:

  • Unique square cookies in multiple flavors titled “Labo Love Japan”. “Labo Love Japan” pastries are made by talented Japanese pastry chefs, chocolatiers based in France. The pastries were first created under the leadership of Haruyo Matsutani, Marnier-Lapostille Tsutsui and Anthony of Nichifutsu Shoji Co. Ltd, barely a week after the Japan Tsunami disaster to raise money for Japanese Red Cross.
  • Delicious cookies by a Paris bakery – ChezBogato
  • Small Red Dot poster collection. The collection consisted of limited-edition artwork created by French first-graders inspired by artist Minh Vo and the trials of Japanese children following the earthquake earlier this year
  • Limited goods from the show exhibitors like KicoKids were available for sale at the shop

Playtime-NYC is organized by Picaflor Inc. and features 70-80 international brands associated with children and maternity. Creative, fashionable, colorful and fun products in areas of clothing, footwear, jewelry, accessories, childcare and deco were exhibited. Playtime’s largest exhibit is held in Paris every year. At their 10th edition of the show in Paris about 350 brands participated from 2nd – 4th July of 2011.  Playtime’s Tokyo exhibit is considered the largest children and maternity fashion trade show in Japan.

It was a great exhibit and we will be blogging about the goods we thought would be very useful for parents and tots on the go!

Puppet Works – 6th June 2010

We visited the PuppetWorks this past weekend. PuppetWorks showcases one hour puppet shows based on classical children’s stories. We saw them perform Jack and the Beanstalk. Before the show began I was wondering how one could effectively present story based on earth and sky in a puppet theatre. But they did a marvelous job. The performer first explained the rules of engagement to the tot crowd in a most amusing way. Then gave a quick brief on the story and introduced the marionettes hanging around the four walls of this tiny theatre. The lights went off and the magic began.

I was visiting with my one year old son and I had my doubts in regards to his ability to sit through one hour show. Not only did he sit through the show, his eyes lit up every time the marionette moved. It was entertaining for me and my husband as well, what a great way to take a break in an otherwise chaotic city life.

Note: Get to the show half an hour earlier to secure good seats. Great lunch options are available in the neighbourhood, we ate at Press195 on 5th Avenue which was quiet decent.

More information on PuppetWorks: www.puppetworks.org