The Lot @ the High Line

Category: Off the beaten path – NYC

Activity Type: Park Venue

Age Appropriate: 3 & Up

We visited The Lot at the High Line this past weekend for father’s day and it was a lot of fun. We took Devam’s grandparents with us they enjoyed it a lot as well. Located at the street level on 30th Street between 10th and 11th Avenue in Manhattan, the Lot features several public amenities including free events, family activities, public art, beer garden and high-end food trucks. You can also access the north-end of the High Line from here via elevator or stairs.

The free event (till July 5th, 2011) this month is Rainbow City, a surreal landscape of psychedelic scenery. The carnival-like installation is made up of 40 air-filled, brightly colored, inflatable structures. Devam (2 yrs old) was a little overwhelmed with the swift motion and size of the structures, but many toddlers as well as adults were having a great time pushing, jumping and connecting with them. Rainbow city invites you to become a part of a very energetic, happy and fun environment.

Rainbow City will be in town till the 5th of July, so make sure you go visit with your family.

Besides free events, the Lot also features a great eating area with high-end food vendors like Eddie’s Pizza, Tiam falafel & smoothie and the Taco Truck. There were several tables and chairs armored with shades. The area was kept extremely clean and green with recycling bins everywhere. The Standard Beer Garden under the High Line is a great place for dads to take break while the family takes a stroll on the High Line which is accessible via elevator and stairs from the Lot.
The Lot underneath the High Line makes for a great family break-time on weekends during the warmer months.