Visiting NYC with kids, don’t miss out on the MET

MET: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Suggested Age: 4 yrs or older

Languages supported: English or Spanish

When you are visiting New York City with kids, there are so many places to go and see. Some of the most famous destinations are:

But when you visit often, you easily exhaust these most obvious options. You start wondering where you will be taking your kids the next time you visit. In a similar quest I took my 2 year old to the MET – Metropolitan Museum of Arts.


I was not sure if he was going to enjoy it. As I entered the museum I inquired if they would recommend any specific exhibits for a young tot. We followed the guidance and we were at MET for about 2 hours and my son had a fabulous time at the Arms & Armor exhibit, The American Wing and Temple of Dendur.

At the MET in NY

I was quiet surprised to know that the MET offers hundreds of family programs each year and most of them are free with Museum admission (unless otherwise mentioned). They provide a few programs for 4 year olds, but most are appropriate for tots 5 years or older. They offer drop-in classes and other guided activities with focus on drawing, film-making, painting in the park, exploration and story-time. There are also several classes for tots with learning or developmental disabilities. Many programs are also offered in Spanish. The American Wing serves fruit, fresh juice, snacks and coffee for the mom. The many choices make MET a great destination for tots 4 years or older.

If visiting with a tot 4 years or younger:

  • I will suggest entering at the 81st street and fifth avenue street level entrance
  • Museum has great changing stations and touch free sinks

Start exploring the MET:

Enjoy the MET and share your thoughts with us.