Inflight Toys

Keeping your baby entertained in the flight could be challenging, but small toys can come quiet handy. When selecting toys you want them to not be noisy, easily washable and should not be the kind to roll away from you in case they fall. Here is what I carried on flight:

I have liked carrying small blocks especially the Plan Toys Activity Blocks by Plan Toys
Blocks are fun

Organic play dough is fun, your baby can eat it, mold it, mix it and throw it around. The best thing about play dough is that it cannot roll away from you. Your baby can eat it as well without you worrying about it. Most organic play doughs maintain its consistency as long as you keep it tightly closed. One brand of organic play dough I like is as follows:
Clementine Art Natural Children’s Modeling Dough by Clementine Art
Play Dough is Fun

I would also carry your baby’s favorite board books. I personally like the Bright Baby books by Roger Priddy. They have great photos, are colorful and easy to flip. Their books are generally compact to carry and fun to play with for your baby. Check out the Bright Baby Chunky Book set on the TitterTot Online Store.

Chunky, Compact Board Books

Chunky, Compact Board Books

Your baby will also like holding onto their feeding spoons or combs. Don’t forget to keep your baby’s favorite pacifier handy. I kept a few around for the flight to keep my baby quiet and at peace.

The toys mentioned above are available via the TitterTot Online Amazon Store.