The Most Essential Carry On’s

When traveling with a baby you really need to think about what you should carry with you vs. pack in your luggage. You want to make sure you carry the essentials like food, milk, diapers, medicine, 2 pairs of changing clothes, wipes, pacifiers, toys and any other thing that your baby needs on a daily basis.

Essential Carry On's

Essential Carry On's

The most essential carry-on’s based on my trips are as follows:
– Backpack with multiple compartments
A larger diaper bag with multiple compartments
A Weekender
– Car seat and car seat stroller (if your child is 1 year or less and less then 32 pounds)
Umbrella stroller

If you plan to carry any more then the above, it could get unmanageable. So carry less, but make sure you carry the most essential items for sure.

In your backpack or your diaper bag you should make sure that you carry the following:
– Sanitizers: Carry sanitizing wipes and sanitizing liquids
– Disposable feeding system + Formula + 1 Bottle of mineral water + Sterilizing bags
– Disposable bibs and washcloths
– Baby spoons or forks + Disposable sippy cups or non-disposable spill proof sippy cup
– Solid foods – Bottled or squeezable food, Oatmeal, Yogurt, Cheese, Fruit (Banana, Apples, Mangoes or Avocado)
– Change of clothes: 2 onesies, 2 pairs of dresses / suits
– Diapers + Wipes
– Toiletries: Travel size toiletries + Medicine
– Toys: Anything that is going to keep your baby entertained through the trip till you reach your destination

It is always easier to carry disposable items, if you are against carrying disposable carry one or two non-disposable version of each.

Make sure you pack all the liquids in one secure bag, keep it separate from everything. This will make sure that spillage if any remains contained and will be helpful at the time of check-in, you can remove this one bag and pass it through security scans separately. Airports will allow you to carry water and liquid foods for the baby through security.

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