Feeding on the Go

When taking our babies outdoors, especially when they are less then 1 year in age, feeding is most stressful. Carrying formula, pumps or milk is just one piece of the equation, by this age babies are already consuming solids. How much do you carry? What do you carry?

Devam was 1 year when we visited Switzerland. At this stage most of us are advised by our pediatricians to wean them off formula or breast milk and start them on regular milk. I decided to wait till I was back from the trip. The reasons:
1) Avoid possible allergic reaction from milk while traveling
2) Much easier to carry formula vs. carrying regular milk or sourcing regular milk when traveling

In regards to solids, it’s best to research beforehand to see if you can rely on solid baby foods available in your destination country. Research organic processed baby food products that could be available. Many of us would consider carrying food processors etc. to prepare our own baby foods on the go. But this can get rather cumbersome. Focus on the solids available at your destination country that you could rely on e.g.: Switzerland would definitely have good diary products like cheese and yogurts. As the home of one of the leading baby foods company Nestle, you could expect a variety of processed baby foods. I found HIPP – an organic baby food company whose products were available at the local grocer COOP – located at most cities in Switzerland.

If you don’t have an option for solid foods at your destination country, travel with non-perishable, easy to carry solids like oatmeal packets, rice cereal packaged in small ziploc for individual feedings or the newly available squeezable food products available from companies like Plum Tots, Happy Baby, GoGo Squeez. You could always rely on easily available fruits – bananas, apples, avocados etc. If your child likes these fruits it will be easy and stress-less for you.

Happy traveling. Do share your experience with us.