Taga’s response and some more queries

Taga You like a company that is proactive in responding to your queries, you can trust them and you can trust their products. Taga was extremely quick at sending us a detailed response to the queries posed in our earlier post. I have pasted their response below. But just before I can give the bike/stroller a 5 star rating, I have a few more queries:

1) Taga seems to meet most US and international safety standards. In the US most kid seats should meet the ASTM 1625-00 safety standards. Why is that not listed as one of the standards you have fulfilled?
2) What are the kinds of risks one should not take while riding this bike, besides the obvious? Any guidance to a potential buyer?
3) Given that we are riding the bike in sun – what kind of material is on the stroller seat?

Some major positives:
1) Taga provides adapters for car seats so you can use an infant car seat on Taga
2) Taga provides several accessories that make it a more versatile vehicle. You can replace the stroller with a shopping basket or a double wooden seat. See list of accessories here.

Some negatives that I see:
1) The Taga weighs about 53 pounds (without any added accessories), so you can forget traveling with it overseas. It’s a great ride from home to errands or home to school or home to school to work and back.

I Wish…..:
1) I wish we could install a convertible car seat on the Taga, it would provide a unique advantage vs. other strollers
2) I wish it would weigh less or could meet airline requirements to be able to check it in as luggage
3) I wish to go to test ride it this weekend ☺

Taga’s response to our prior concerns:
Concern 1: How do I take my child grocery shopping? If I have my child with me, I have very little room below the child seat to put my grocery bags.
Response: Currently Taga offers storage options which are similar to the storage options of a standard stroller – the under-seat basket can carry 10lbs of luggage + you can hang a bag behind the child seat. We will offer soon a rack which connects to the seat post and can carry much more stuff. Apart from that you can use the large eco-shopping basket when not taking the kids.

Concern 2: Not sure how comfortable is it to stroll once the bike is converted into a stroller. I am not sure if I can take it into small kids stores where the space is very narrow.
Response: Taga’s footprint in bike mode is 28.5 X 65 inches. Again, it is not much wider than the handlebar of a standard bike. The ride on Taga is very smooth, especially on bike lanes and small streets. Taga was not designed for off-road ride.

Concern 3: What is the footprint of this bike and how smooth is the ride? Can I keep it to the streets or can I take it on rugged terrain?
Response: Taga is 4-6 inches wider than a standard stroller / travel system but is narrower than a twin stroller and shorter than a jogger. It passes through almost all the doors and was tested successfully in small stores and restaurants. However, it is not as small as a Maclaren and it doesn’t have a front swivel wheel so you need to push the handles down to rotate it (like in a jogger). Please note that 80% of the time Taga is used as a bike, so the lack of swivel wheel in stroller mode is not that critical.

Concern 4: Last but not the least, what about security, how is one suppose to let a $1500 bike / stroller out of their sight? Would it not be a magnet for bike thieves which I hear have become extremely sophisticated, especially in New York? Can you install a hidden GPS device or a do you sell insurance? I know this might sound funny, but it’s a true concern.
Response: With regards to theft – the fact that you can turn Taga into a stroller and take it into the building actually solves most of the cases of theft (unlike other bike…). if you still need to lock it outside, you can use a thick bike chain to lock it. We would recommend that you take the child seat with you, so the bike becomes less attractive to thieves.

Concern 5: Can we check in the Taga when traveling overseas?
Response: Taga can be disassembled to 4 parts within less than a minute. We will soon upload a video to our website that shows how to do it. We know people who checked it in as a stroller, but you better check it first with your airline.

Last one: I currently reside in New York – Can I take it for a test ride?
Taga is sold via Giggle in Upper West Side in NYC, so you can check it there or you can write to info@tagabikes.com. We might be able to give you a test ride if one of our representatives is in NYC

I appreciate your response Taga and will post my reviews following a test-ride this weekend.