Mistakes to avoid on on-flight journeys – Part I

Many kids travel product companies like Ben-Bat are pitching fancy back-packs, comfy headrests, bulky travel potty options, etc. These products are great if you are taking a road trip but a night mare if you are taking a flight. On my long flight journey to India in December of 2010 (Devam was 1 and a half yrs old), I took with me a car seat, my backpack (in place of a diaper-bag) and very unwillingly – Devam’s toy backpack. The GoGo Kids Travel mate was a savior as it converted my car seat into a stroller and my back-pack was essential as it held my travel documents, Devam’s diapers, wipes, emergency medicines, a change of clothes for him and for me. What made it all very difficult was Devam’s toy back-pack. It added no value to the trip and it was one more thing for me to carry, remember and store. A quick advice my friends, these products may look great, but if the parent is going to ultimately manage them, it is not a good idea for on-flight entertainment. The solution is to carry one or two small toys, 2 small books and your IPad in your diaper bag or backpack.