Titter explores Germany & Austria

images-5I love exploring different destinations around the world through children literature. My explorations of mid-1800 literature that originated in Germany has utterly surprised me.

Germany and Austria are not just known for trains, Lego and automobiles but also:

  • Deep – dark forests where little Red Riding hood and Hansel and Gretel got lost
  • Scenic alps where the Von Trapp family sang their beautiful songs
  • Black forests after which the cake was named – not very popular in the US, but I grew up eating black forest cakes in India
  • Beautiful castles that also inspired Walt Disney – don’t miss the Neuschwanstein castle nestled in the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany
  • Drive the “Romantic Drive” or the “Fairy Tale Drive” and enjoy breathtaking scenes of Germany
  • Visit BMW, Mercedes and Lego factories to see how things are made
  • See how the first modern Cuckoo clock was made in the 1600’s in the Black Forest region of Germany
  • Travel all over Germany and Austria in super fast trains. The ICE train travels at a zooming 300 kms/hour and will transport you to most major destinations
  • This list is quiet incomplete and will be updated as I uncover some amazing things to do for the entire family in Germany and Austria.

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