Happy New Year to all TitterTot readers!

As 2013 comes to an end I wish to change the tone of this blog site based on my experience in the last year. 2013 has been a busy year for all of us. It has been a year of uncertainty and surprises. We have all worked hard to figure out the best course for the upcoming years.

This holiday season we choose to stay home, we choose to not pack our bags but rather take a break in our own comforts. When tots turn 4 years old – there is an amazing transformation. They desire social interactions with kids their age and with other families. This is the start of their life journey, they need a sense of belonging and they are building a small world of their own. Their immediate family and the other families that they often meet and see are becoming their world. It is so amazing to see them relate to others in their own simple and small ways.

Our holiday break itinerary:
Play date with a new friend and visit a museum
One day sports camp
Christmas with our close friends
Visit the
Pajama party with friends and movie night
Day at the office with daddy
Day trip to a ski destination (still to take please in the upcoming 3 days)
Spent a lot of time with daddy – making up for lost time in 2013

We will be spending the rest of our 3 days planning our one special vacation for the year, the books we would like to read, the day trips we would like to make in and around NYC and the few changes we would like to make to our lives to make 2014 a special year.

Sometimes it might be worth enjoying what you have around you. As our tots continues to grow older I feel like we all need time to explore our immediate world and the people that make our world so special. Take our time to appreciate, to internalize and to thank our close and dear ones for making this life journey so pleasant.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and don’t forget to plan a special vacation for the coming year. Do share your plans with us so we can blog about it.

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