Confidence on the go

IMG_1974This year we decided to not travel, to stay back home to relax and take it easy. I am thus going to write on a topic that is not about traveling. It is about everyday life.

It is so easy to tell a tot that he / she is wrong but are we able to equally appreciate everything they are doing right? My recent experience with my four year old has taught me a very important lesson on building confidence. As most Asian moms I started teaching my son to read this past summer. We do 5 pages of reading and some writing everyday. It is a bit taxing for him and like most four year old boys he would get easily distracted, loose patience and want to do be doing something else instead. About two days ago I started to tell him that we need not do this work as he has become a reading expert. I told him that he had gained super reading powers. Given his obsession with Super Heroes currently he surely made a note of this. It is day 3 and he asked me if he could do some reading today. It was the first day I did not probe him and he finished reading 5 pages in 3 minutes without any help at all.

Tots teach you important lessons everyday. Instill a bit of confidence in a person and he will soar. Its almost like filling air in a balloon. Though be careful to not fill too much to create a sense of overconfidence.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

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