Vacationing in India – we will be back next week :)

Sorry we have not shared much with you lately. I am on vacation with my son, we are traveling to the sunny city of Mumbai – India. My son is now 2.5 yrs old and it has been a great experience traveling with him overseas on a 19 hour flight journey each way. We have thoroughly enjoyed India, thank you to some of the products and brands that have helped us stay clean, healthy and entertained on our trip.



We are back!

Yes, it was a rather busy summer, like it was for most of you. I am sure that we all took a trip or two and had family over. If you did the first and not the prior, you had a less stressful summer. We have many fun details to share about our trip to Jackson Hole, WY. We took this trip with our friends who have a 3 year old and a 5 year old of their own. Who knew that Jackson Hole would be so much fun for the kids! I have only known it for the federal reserve’s economic summit held there every year. We thank our friends for suggesting this beautiful destination. The kids had a great time with each other and in their surroundings. We also had my son’s grand-parents over, we enjoyed a few day trips with them in and around New York as well.

Overall a rather busy summer and at the end of it, Devam started his first year in pre-school. He has loved it since and has had very little issues with transition. Summer was a transition for me from being a part-time mom to a full-time mom. It has been a pleasure to spend time with my little guy on a full time basis. I can’t wait to take my next trip with him. But in the meanwhile I will fill you in with details from our summer rendezvous.

Apple on the Go

We just returned from a month long trip to India. With Devam, my now 20 month old son, the 21 hour plane rides each way, the 7-8 hour car rides during our travels in India was seeming quiet daunting. How was I to keep him calm, entertained and keep myself sane at the same time? My hubby gifted us the iPad, he loaded up with Devam’s favorite TV shows, music and movies – Super Why!, Caillou, Sesame Street, Curious George and Toy Story 3. It worked. It helped Devam take a break from the chaos around him, he felt like his best friends had traveled with him and it made the long road and air trips very relaxing for me.

I also loaded the iPad with some potential reads, with the camera connection kit we were able to download the pictures from our digital camera and keep the photo slide show on for all to see. The entertainment value for the kids in India was priceless, everyone checked out the iPad and surely dropped it several times, but thanks to its resilient hardware we had no issues with it. What a great travel device and if you bought the non-WiFi version like me just make sure you travel with you AirPort express base station and you will be able to convert any wired internet connection into a wireless network. It all worked seamlessly – thank you Apple!

As it is rightly said, an Apple a day kept the insanity away 🙂

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