Updated: London To Go

We just updated our city guide for London, UK. If you are planning a family trip to London do check this out.

Sandy has left us with a new family tradition

Monday – 29th October 7:30PM – the super-storm Sandy made landfall on the New Jersey coast and we lost power. We reside in the evacuation zone A of NYC, which means that we are the first ones to get flooded in case of hurricanes and storms. After a rather mild impact from hurricane Irene last year, all of us (me and residents of Battery Park) were not expecting mandatory evacuation this time around. Lo and behold we were given a mandatory evacuation notice on Sunday morning and we rushed to my cousin residing in New Jersey. We were not only fortunate that we had family to support us during this unfortunate storm but also highly grateful for their kindness.

On Monday evening as the storm struck New Jersey coastline we lost power. We set up candles on the dining table and interestingly all the family members gathered around the table participating in this rare activity. Devam (my 3 year old) thought that a major celebration was underway and he sang for this rare audience and entertained us all. The peace and quiet in the house strangely helped us overcome the fear of the otherwise 90 mph winds rattling our windows and doors. A day after the storm when power was restored everyone was back to their computers, conference calls, video games and iPads – in short their otherwise solitary lives. I and my cousin discussed how wonderful it was to have everyone together the night before. It would be wonderful if everyone did take a break and gathered together to celebrate this extinct phenomenon – “Family”. Wouldn’t it be great to recreate that evening (sans the storm) once a month? So we are going to turn this into a family tradition – remembering the many that suffered during the super storm Sandy and at the same time celebrating togetherness. We are going to shut down power for one Saturday evening every month, put up candle lights, munch on left overs from the morning and enjoy being a family.

Winning the hearts of toddlers – WSF NYC



Vacationing in India – we will be back next week :)

Sorry we have not shared much with you lately. I am on vacation with my son, we are traveling to the sunny city of Mumbai - India. My son is now 2.5 yrs old and it has been a great experience traveling with him overseas on a 19 hour flight journey each way. We have thoroughly enjoyed India, thank you to some of the products and brands that have helped us stay clean, healthy and entertained on our trip.