Feeding on the Go

When taking our babies outdoors, especially when they are less then 1 year in age, feeding is most stressful. Carrying formula, pumps or milk is just one piece of the equation, by this age babies are already consuming solids. How much do you carry? What do you carry?

Devam was 1 year when we visited Switzerland. At this stage most of us are advised by our pediatricians to wean them off formula or breast milk and start them on regular milk. I decided to wait till I was back from the trip. The reasons:
1) Avoid possible allergic reaction from milk while traveling
2) Much easier to carry formula vs. carrying regular milk or sourcing regular milk when traveling

In regards to solids, it’s best to research beforehand to see if you can rely on solid baby foods available in your destination country. Research organic processed baby food products that could be available. Many of us would consider carrying food processors etc. to prepare our own baby foods on the go. But this can get rather cumbersome. Focus on the solids available at your destination country that you could rely on e.g.: Switzerland would definitely have good diary products like cheese and yogurts. As the home of one of the leading baby foods company Nestle, you could expect a variety of processed baby foods. I found HIPP – an organic baby food company whose products were available at the local grocer COOP – located at most cities in Switzerland.

If you don’t have an option for solid foods at your destination country, travel with non-perishable, easy to carry solids like oatmeal packets, rice cereal packaged in small ziploc for individual feedings or the newly available squeezable food products available from companies like Plum Tots, Happy Baby, GoGo Squeez. You could always rely on easily available fruits – bananas, apples, avocados etc. If your child likes these fruits it will be easy and stress-less for you.

Happy traveling. Do share your experience with us.

The Most Essential Carry On’s

When traveling with a baby you really need to think about what you should carry with you vs. pack in your luggage. You want to make sure you carry the essentials like food, milk, diapers, medicine, 2 pairs of changing clothes, wipes, pacifiers, toys and any other thing that your baby needs on a daily basis.

Essential Carry On's

Essential Carry On's

The most essential carry-on’s based on my trips are as follows:
– Backpack with multiple compartments
A larger diaper bag with multiple compartments
A Weekender
– Car seat and car seat stroller (if your child is 1 year or less and less then 32 pounds)
Umbrella stroller

If you plan to carry any more then the above, it could get unmanageable. So carry less, but make sure you carry the most essential items for sure.

In your backpack or your diaper bag you should make sure that you carry the following:
– Sanitizers: Carry sanitizing wipes and sanitizing liquids
– Disposable feeding system + Formula + 1 Bottle of mineral water + Sterilizing bags
– Disposable bibs and washcloths
– Baby spoons or forks + Disposable sippy cups or non-disposable spill proof sippy cup
– Solid foods – Bottled or squeezable food, Oatmeal, Yogurt, Cheese, Fruit (Banana, Apples, Mangoes or Avocado)
– Change of clothes: 2 onesies, 2 pairs of dresses / suits
– Diapers + Wipes
– Toiletries: Travel size toiletries + Medicine
– Toys: Anything that is going to keep your baby entertained through the trip till you reach your destination

It is always easier to carry disposable items, if you are against carrying disposable carry one or two non-disposable version of each.

Make sure you pack all the liquids in one secure bag, keep it separate from everything. This will make sure that spillage if any remains contained and will be helpful at the time of check-in, you can remove this one bag and pass it through security scans separately. Airports will allow you to carry water and liquid foods for the baby through security.

Most of the items listed above can be found in the TitterTot Online Shop.

Traveling by air with a 1 year old

All of us have encountered parents with babies or young kids struggling to make it from destination to the other by air. Some are carrying 2 strollers, a car seat and all the goodies to ensure the trip is smooth. Even when equipped with it all, they look disgruntled and the child does not seem to be having a good time either. These images are reminiscent to all new parents when they are planning their trip. Most of us resort to drivable distances inorder to avoid the hassles of taking a flight.

Before we had our first child, we traveled extensively be it for work or pleasure. It was a part of our life that we enjoyed a lot. So once Devam was in the picture I had made up my mind to continue our travels, I just had to figure out a hassle free way of doing the same.

I took my first trip overseas to Switzerland and I went into planning stage 2 weeks prior. I had one mantra as I started planning – “Travel Light”

1) Take few individual pieces of luggage
2) Avoid the temptation to take everything possible for the baby (E.g.: Travel crib, car seat as well as umbrella stroller – pick one, baby bjorn, etc.)
3) Get the baby a seat on the flight and get most rest myself

On the air
While most parents have decided against getting their baby a seat, we were well advised by friends to get our 1 year old son a seat and take his car seat with us. We got him a seat between me and my husband and kept him in his car seat. We planned our trip during his nap time. I fed him milk while take off to avoid any discomfort (ear popping) as well as got him to suck on his pacifier. He went to sleep around his usual time and we could enjoy our meals and take some rest. Getting a seat paid off.

Entertaining during the flight
Make sure that you keep your baby happy, walk him around the plane, let him wave to other passengers. I made sure I took small toys that he could hold and play with. Most babies love playing with everyday objects, phones, sanitizer bottles. The carrier will most likely provide with small toys as well.

On flight meals
Let your child enjoy snacks, carry crackers, cheerios, baby yogurts, cheese and small baby food bottles. At check-in most airports will allow you to take in small baby food containers and water to prepare milk. Keep milk handy during take off and landing so your baby can keep sucking at the bottle and stay hydrated at all time while on board.

Make sure you inform your carrier that you are traveling with a 1 year old, most will offer to provide with baby foods and bassinet. Swiss Air was particularly good about it.

Enjoy your flight, its not as big of a challenge as you might think.