Bavaria (Germany) and Austria – A great family destination

Imagine a historic land with fairy tale like castles, abbeys, emerald lakes, dark dense forests, tall snow capped alps, a living culture of arts and music. This land exists and it’s called “Bavaria”. It is the largest state of Germany (by area).

Parks, Playgrounds, Petting Zoos, Gardens and Lake

Parks, Playgrounds, Petting Zoos, Gardens and Lake

On the other side of the Bavarian alps lies Austria. Equally beautiful and culturally similar to Bavaria. To tour this wonderland you can drive at 150 kms/hr on the Autobahn or ride at 230 kms/hr in the super fast trains that span both countries.


Enjoying the public parks at Schliersee, Bavaria, Germany

With so much to offer for each member of the family this is a dream destination. Devam who is 4 years old enjoyed the zoos, public parks, lakes, petting animals, picking cherries and the super fast train rides. Each unique hotel provided us with all the comforts for the entire family. There is only one drawback this vacation can get pricey very easily so I would suggest you pre-plan your hotels and maintain a budget for food, tours and entertainment. Also travel with very little luggage so you can take advantage of trains. Thanks to Eurorail – you can get a great deal on train travel for multiple days and for larger groups.

Playing the zither at Geigenbau Museum - Mittenwald, Bavaria, Germany

Playing the zither at Geigenbau Museum – Mittenwald, Bavaria, Germany

Alpenclub – Scliersee, Germany

Read our TripAdvisor review of Alpenclub in Schliersee, Germany.

From fairy tales to Stolpersteine

Intelligent life, a sister publication of The Economist recently published an article about an American Jewish family that moved to Germany. The newly immigrated family noticed Stolpersteine in front of their doors and an interesting exploration began. You might notice Stolpersteine all over Europe – especially Germany and it can open doors to conversations with your kids of a history that is hard to forget. Read more.

Titter explores Germany & Austria

images-5I love exploring different destinations around the world through children literature. My explorations of mid-1800 literature that originated in Germany has utterly surprised me.

Germany and Austria are not just known for trains, Lego and automobiles but also:

  • Deep – dark forests where little Red Riding hood and Hansel and Gretel got lost
  • Scenic alps where the Von Trapp family sang their beautiful songs
  • Black forests after which the cake was named – not very popular in the US, but I grew up eating black forest cakes in India
  • Beautiful castles that also inspired Walt Disney – don’t miss the Neuschwanstein castle nestled in the Bavarian Alps in southern Germany
  • Drive the “Romantic Drive” or the “Fairy Tale Drive” and enjoy breathtaking scenes of Germany
  • Visit BMW, Mercedes and Lego factories to see how things are made
  • See how the first modern Cuckoo clock was made in the 1600’s in the Black Forest region of Germany
  • Travel all over Germany and Austria in super fast trains. The ICE train travels at a zooming 300 kms/hour and will transport you to most major destinations
  • This list is quiet incomplete and will be updated as I uncover some amazing things to do for the entire family in Germany and Austria.