What do Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella & Snow White have in common?

Disney Princesses

Yes, you are right they are all Disney princesses. But is there something more they share in common? Did you know that fairy tales about these princesses originated in Germany, all re-written or collected by the Brother’s Grimm – Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in the mid 1800’s. Their version of these tales were not meant for children. Other European authors like Charles Perrault, a French author, rewrote a toned down version of these stories for children. Many variations of these fairy tales got popular all over Europe and Asia.

What’s more? The Cinderella Castle gained it’s inspiration from the Neuschwanstein Castle built by the legendary King Ludwig II of Bavaria – Germany.

Neuschwanstein Castle - Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany

Walt Disney and his wife Lillian spent time at Neuschwanstein Castle nestled atop the Bavarian Alps. The castle’s bright colors, fairy tale like location and it’s highly innovative architecture provided the inspiration behind the enchanting Castle at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort – Orlando.

Cinderella's Castle - Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Castle – Magic Kingdom

These princess fairy tales that originated several thousand miles and beyond the Atlantic Ocean have become a part of popular American culture. Bravo Walt! and Bravo Brother’s Grimm!

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Titter Alert:
The two places we recommend visiting with tots in Germany:

1) Freitzeitpark Marchenwald: An attraction park near Munich where more than 20 fairytale-stories with over 260 pressing button moving characters inspire young and old. The tales are told on request in German or English. About 30 minutes drive from Munich, Germany

2) Neuschwanstein Castle: Nestled amidst the scenic Bavarian alps in Fussen. Fussen is the highest town in the Bavaria alps. About 2 hours drive from Munich, Germany.

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