A different kind of 3 day vacation!

After an action packed December trip to India and a couple of weeks of adjusting to timing differences we had a long MLK day weekend upon us. We had not planned anything for this long three day weekend. Really, were we going to do nothing? And we decided to try it out, a 3 day relaxing retreat in our own house doing practically nothing.

The first thing I did before Friday ended was go stock up the fridge. We ate home made meals, as a family, all three days, except for one lunch outing. Devam made his own egg omelet, all by himself, and was very proud of it. We played board games, computer games, did painting, read books and lounged in our pajamas. Devam finished his outstanding homework without any time delays or parental involvement. We conversed about our favorite moments from the recent trip to India, shared personal stories from our past and discussed diverse topics including Indian mythology. Devam had received his kid power band from Unicef, essentially a pedometer, and was able to complete the 1000 steps required to donate one food packet to the needy.

At the end of the three days, we collectively felt like we will miss this vacation, our three day retreat in the warmth of our own house. Sometimes it’s great to aim to do nothing and discover ourselves in the process.

Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend just like we did!

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